Friday, July 16, 2010

Sara and Josef

On our way west to Plowshare Farm in McAlevey's Fort, PA we stopped in to visit my old friend Sara and meet her husband Josef. We stayed the weekend on the farm that is owned by Sara's brother Myron and his family. Poor Trav was suffering from a stomach bug and he pretty much sacked out on the couch only to lift his head every once in a while to weakly say he was sorry he was not very good company.

The farm was a blissful recovery place for Trav, and I loved catching up with my friend. We picked strawberries from the massive garden (that we turned into strawberry ice cream) and I milked a goat for the first time (I just got a few squirts). Sara taught us to make goat milk mozzarella and introduced us to the Settlers of Catan game (and proceeded to develop the biggest settlements... we demand a rematch!) Josef and Sara were amazing hosts, and after church sent us on our way with asparagus and berries and other garden treasures. Our cup runneth over from the generosity of amazing friends.


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