Sunday, July 4, 2010

Terre Hill, PA: Doorstep Dairy, Daryl and Karen Wenger Mast

After our interview with the Garbers (at Spring Hill Dairy), Trav and I felt like we traveled back in time (remember the milkman?) when we interviewed my dear friends, Daryl and Karen about their new business, Doorstep Dairy.

This amazing venture was dreamed up by Daryl, whose grandfather was a milkman back in the day. When asked to describe this new business Daryl will smile and ask "Well, do you remember the milkman?" Daryl is offering a unique and incredible food service; he has selected local products from dairies and is using an online ordering systrem. His customers can pick out items they'd like to receive weekly, and every Friday Daryl will bring their picks right to the doorstep. Daryl said it was hard to pick the products he's offering because there are so many incredible farmers in the area with tasty products, and if all goes well he may expand his options in the future. There is an assortment of milk, cheese, baked goods, and yogurt (Trav and I tried the strawberry yogurt when we had lunch with Karen and was so good it knocked my socks off).

As the housing developments from surrounding cities get closer and closer to rural areas, Daryl sees it as an increasingly feasible option to begin offering a doorstep service.

Farming is a huge part of Daryl's life. He grew up on and operated a dairy farm, then sold his portion of that and started a livestock-hauling business. Through that network Daryl knows many farmers and families in the community, and is obviously well-liked and respected by all for his easy going and gentle manner and his great sense of humor. Daryl still hauls cattle and will continue to do so while Doorstep Dairy grows. I have no doubt that if Trav and I lived around Ephrata we would be customers of Doorstep Dairy; the products are incredibly delicious and local, building the local economy, and Karen and Daryl and family are so kind.


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